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Commercial Aquaculture

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We know commercial aquaculture

Industrial sized tilapia farming uses industrial sized methods and requires industrial sized knowledge. Small aquaculture or aquaponic techniques will not work, no matter how many times you enlarge or multiply them. One of the keys to success is correctly sizing every component so that it can handle its intended job with ease. So whether that means a drum filter as big as a city bus or an oxygen generation system capable of tripling your stocking density, we can help you design a system that will produce the results that you demand.

It's all about making a profit

Commercial aquaculture comes in all shapes and sizes, from million-pounds-per-year processors, to farmers-market-sized family farms. Some operations focus on aquaponics while others are completely dedicated to tilapia farming. However, no matter what size they are or whether or not they grow vegetables, all commercial aquaculture operations share a common need to be profitable. At Lakeway Tilapia, we understand that you are in business to make money, but more significantly, we recognize all of the ways that we can help to develop and protect your profit potential.

For example, did you know that every tilapia farm produces three valuable products? Did you know that a dead tilapia, with un-usable filets, can still contribute to your bottom-line profits? Did you know that using oxygen properly can triple your yearly output without expanding the size of your ponds? Do you know how to economically treat thousands of gallons of old foul-smelling pond water back to drinking quality? Or better yet, prevent it from becoming foul-smelling in the first place? Did you know that most farmed fish, including most species of tilapia, come with hidden costs that destroy profitability or that certain grades of pure strain species can turn a profit-less farm around in less than six months? We could go on and on, but rather than that, we'll just invite you to give us a call.

Free fingerlings for commercial aquaculture

The Internet is full tilapia sellers that don't know the first thing about commercial aquaculture. They simply assume that large aquaculture operations buy their fingerlings in bulk or at some reduced retail rate, then unknowingly share their ignorance with fantastic tales of selling thousands of fingerlings to commercial tilapia farms. Well we've got a reality check for them: Commercial tilapia growers don't buy retail fingerlings. Instead, they use hatchery services, like those offered by Lakeway Tilapia, to raise and grade fingerlings on their behalf. The fingerlings already belong to the farm by way of the service agreement. Click or touch here to find out more about our tilapia hatchery services.

Of course, we know that you need more than just low-cost tilapia fingerlings. You need Food Grade Tilapia® fingerlings that have been selected for their fast rate of growth. You need to work with people who understand your operation and take it as seriously as you do. You need timely delivery of your fingerlings at your request. You need the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your fingerlings are completely free of parasites and infections. You need tilapia from people who understand the value of a long-term business relationship. Simply put, you need Lakeway Tilapia.

No project is too big or too unusual

Do you have a unique idea that just might work if only the right people would get involved? Give us a shot. One of the truly great things about tilapia farming is the high degree of creativity that can be applied to get the desired results. For every expert who scoffs at such inventiveness, touting that there is only one best way to do the job, there are hundreds of ordinary folks who prove them wrong every day. The fact is, no two tilapia farming operations are identical. So dream big and let your imagination run wild, then bring those sparks of genius to us and we'll help you turn them into reality.

Tilapia farming consulting prices

If you need personal assistance with your tilapia farming enterprise, don't be afraid to ask. Most of the time we can provide the help that you need free of charge. Of course if things start to get too involved, we will be happy to provide you with professional consulting services. Our prices are based on a percentage of the value of your first-year harvest, or on the increase in value that our help creates to your harvest for one year. So whether you're a brand new tilapia farmer, or a seasoned veteran starting to struggle in an increasingly competitive market, you have nothing to lose by asking for our help.