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Backyard tilapia farming

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Tilapia farming on a smaller scale

From garage ponds that take up less space than a compact car to backyard tilapia gardens producing thousands of pounds per year, home tilapia farming is everywhere. Backyard tilapia farmers are as creative as their properties are unique. Some tilapia ponds are built into the landscaping or set up inside beautiful conservatories, adding considerable value to the home, while others are designed more for functionality than beauty.

Some farmers grow vegetables in harmony with their tilapia. Others take a more traditional approach by farming their tilapia in stand-alone ponds. Part of the beauty of home tilapia farming is the flexibility allowed by the smaller scale. Backyard tilapia farmers can make as many changes as they like and be as creative as they want with very little risk to their tilapia.

Don't let the small size fool you

While it is true that tilapia farming at home is primarily about feeding the family, many backyard tilapia farmers turn a very respectable profit from their surpluses. For some people, just letting their neighbors know about their tilapia farming activities might be all that is necessary to find customers. For others, a sign in the front yard might do the job. Don't forget that fresh, locally farmed tilapia is always a welcome find at the farmers market or on the menus of neighborhood restaurants. Of course, many backyard tilapia farmers just reduce their fish production down to what their family can realistically eat, but however they handle their surpluses, every home tilapia farmer is secure in the knowledge that making money or even more money can be accomplished in a very short amount of time.

Preppers, survivalists and homesteaders

While everyone seems to have differing opinions about the future of our society, we can all agree that food independence is central to every emergency preparedness plan. Starving an enemy before conquering them has been used as a battle tactic throughout human history. During World War Two, a wheelbarrow full of money wouldn't buy a loaf of bread in some parts of the world. The politics of poverty and hunger have given rise to warlords and brought entire countries to their knees. Do you still think that precious metals are a good resource to have on hand in a survivalist situation? Ask a man starving in the wilderness if he would rather have food or gold.

We understand your concerns and take them as seriously as you do. Everyone striving for food independence has their own unique challenges and we're here to help. Are you tired of talking to people who don't appreciate the ingenuity that you put into your preparedness plan? Or even worse, dealing with someone who's giggled at a couple of those extreme prepper programs on television and then talks to you like you're some kind of wing nut? That's not going to happen here.

We love creativity and we want to help make your ideas a reality. Do you want to farm 500 pounds of tilapia in an underground bunker? Not a problem. Want to integrate vegetable production into your tilapia farming ponds? Done deal. On a budget? We can show you how to harness your inner MacGyver, and make a tilapia pond out of 2 sheets of plywood, a few boards and some basic supplies (yes, even duct tape) large enough to farm over 300 pounds of tilapia per year. So don't keep it to yourself. Bring those ideas to us and we'll help turn your vision into reality. Besides, who's to say that you aren't the one who calls the future right after all.


Home tilapia farming is as different from commercial aquaculture as the family garden is from the forty acre field in both scope and methodology. A home gardener with a quarter acre of corn considering the purchase of a combined harvester because that's what "the big boys" use, is an obvious example of mismatched scope and methodology. Yet every day hundreds of people considering the idea of tilapia farming at home rely on information that was originally intended for large commercial aquaculture, getting recycled and mis-represented as being applicable to them. This is especially true of aquaponic systems dealers, but it runs the gambit of the aquaculture industry in general. The Internet information blender gets even more confusing when tilapia fingerling resellers, driven by quick and short-term profits, say whatever is necessary to make a sale without any degree of stewardship for tilapia farming or its future.

At Lakeway Tilapia, we've solved the problem of this mixed information by moving all of the topics pertinent to home tilapia farming to a single dedicated site called It's full of information for people who want to farm tilapia in their own backyard rather than setting up an industrial sized aquaculture operation. So if your tilapia farming ambitions are more about feeding your family than full scale production, give a try.