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Hello and welcome to Lakeway Tilapia. For nearly two decades, we've been serving the needs of both commercial and residential tilapia farming from aquaculture to aquaponics.

We created this site to educate and help you cut through all of the Internet nonsense surrounding tilapia farming. Our support of the do-it-yourself tilapia farmer mandates that everything we write has to be accurate. One carelessly quoted fact and the whole site can be called into question. Today, in 2024, we present you with the most up to date, continually evolving website for tilapia farming and aquaponics. It doesn't matter whether your plans are to start a commercial aquaculture facility, a home aquaponic garden or your very own restaurant serving up tilapia tacos and nuggets, we will empower you with the knowledge and confidence that you'll need to be successful.

The truth is, all tilapia farming, including keeping tilapia in aquaponic systems, requires knowledge. A tilapia needs five basic things to thrive: clean water, oxygen, food, light and room to swim. Of course, the devil is in the details, and the quest for specifics often leaves the new tilapia farmer open to bias and conjecture. As in any booming industry, there are a lot of peddlers willing to stretch the truth in an effort to extract money from an inexperienced or uncertain customer. Tilapia fingerling resellers who choose to ignore inconvenient facts because they don't favor a sale, aquaponics system dealers who provide "educational" information and workshops for the products that they sell while disregarding alternative methods and homespun growers selling their own accidentally bred fingerlings part-time are the primary sources of misleading information.

At Lakeway Tilapia, our knowledge comes from experience. Because every tilapia farming operation is unique and the technology used is constantly evolving, we design and discover new things all the time. Combined with the fact that we have been raising and breeding fish for over 30 years, we can say with some measure of confidence, that when it comes to keeping tilapia healthy and growing fast, we are the tilapia farming experts.

So hopefully you've come to our site looking for some plain talk about tilapia farming. We're not here to turn you into a geneticist or fill your head with unnecessary science. In fact, most of the words used on this site come from the real-world conversations that we have with our customers every day. Of course, there are a few of our own opinions tucked here and there, but none of them are baseless. So give us your time and we promise not to waste it with the same old cut-and-paste plagiarism, erroneous nonsense, and hidden sales pitches found everywhere else.

We look forward to helping you succeed!