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East TN tilapia farming

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East Tennessee area tilapia farming

If you live in east Tennessee, you already know about the diversity of our local agriculture. But did you know that tilapia farming is all around us too? It's no wonder really, when you consider that tilapia filets can be raised to the same size found in the grocery store for less than a dollar per pound. If you have a vegetable garden, and who doesn't in our area, you can use your tilapia farming water to feed your plants for even faster growth. You can even set up an aquaponics system for the ultimate in high speed growing. Best of all, we can help design a tilapia farm or aquaponics system that exactly fits your needs.

Live harvest size tilapia for sale

For our local tilapia farming customers in east Tennessee, we keep a limited supply of one pound and larger tilapia. If you are located in Grainger, Jefferson or Hamblen counties, you are only a phone call away from the freshest tilapia you've ever eaten. We are located on the dam end of Cherokee Lake within sight of the Black Oak Marina and "Off The Hook" restaurant, so you can even call ahead to pick up your "catch" at our own dock. You never have to come home empty-handed after a day of fishing again. Supplies are limited so please call ahead of time to check for availability. If you need a large order, email or call us five days in advance so that we can put extra tilapia in our finishing ponds for you.

Please note that we do not give tours of our hatchery or sell live tilapia to visitors who have not called ahead. Because tilapia are a food fish, intended for human consumption, we cannot risk exposing them to the myriad of bacteria and viruses that our would-be human guests might be carrying.

Special services for our local area tilapia farmers

For our local farmers, we offer the following additional services for a nominal fee:

  • Same-day delivery on orders placed before noon.
  • Pond construction, plumbing or filtration assistance.
  • Pond maintenance assistance.
  • Fish moving (hauling) services.

Of course, everyone gets free unlimited telephone and email support no matter where they live.