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Every paragraph, or part thereof, on every page currently or previously published on this website is an original work by Mark Kehrli. You may not copy anything that has been written on this site without first obtaining, and then retaining, written permission. I highly suggest that you research the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998, then research how takedown notices work at Lumen, formerly Chilling Effects. I use a service called Copysentry from Copyscape to automatically detect and document plagiarism.

Many of the descriptions used to illustrate ideas or convey thoughts are original works. You do not have to copy my exact words to be in violation of my copyright, you only have to convey my original idea, thought or description. For example: "Understanding the five needs of tilapia" is an original work, conveyed in a way that has never been done before. Re-writing this work using different words would still constitute copyright infringement.


The following are trademarks of Mark Kehrli and Lakeway Tilapia:

Food Grade™
Food Grade Tilapia®
Food Grade Blue Tilapia™
Food Grade Blue Fingerlings™
Food Grade Nile Tilapia™
Food Grade Nile Fingerlings™
Food Grade Wami Hybrid Tilapia™
Food Grade Wami Hybrid Fingerlings™
Aquaponics Grade™
Pond Grade™
High Back Hornorum™
High Back Mozambique™

Note that the trademark "Food Grade Tilapia" has been registered with the US Patent and Trademark office. This fact does not diminish the severity of violating non-registered (or common law) trademarks as registration is not required for a trademark to be valid in the United States. Registering trademarks is only required for international claims. Adding or changing letters or words to these trademarks still constitutes infringement.

Note: Our trademarks have been established to identify the products created by our proprietary culling techniques. All of them are first use in commerce or first use in market and registered or common law and have been used continuously on products sold by Lakeway Tilapia. Our use of the trademark Food Grade constitutes first in the market of tilapia fish sales.


The Tilapia Farming Experts℠ is a service mark of Lakeway Tilapia and Mark Kehrli.

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The design of this website, including the html code, is an original artwork and protected by Copyright. It was not created from a template.