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pH testing meters

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pH testing meters

We only offer the products that we actually use ourselves. When it comes to pH meters, or any testers for that matter, we prefer the single purpose units. A preference that we've adopted over years of real-world abuse. It's not a matter of if you will drop it on the floor or into your pond, it's how many meters you will destroy in this fashion. You might as well break inexpensive equipment. However, don't correlate the low cost of these meters to inaccurate test results. These are just as accurate as meters costing thousands of dollars.

We are not the lowest price

People who shop by price alone are the willing victims of every Internet huckster. Take the pH meter for example. Do you even know how one works? Would you know if it was displaying inaccurate results? Do you know that a pH meter probe has to be kept wet? Would you be able to identify a unit that has a dried-out probe? Or how about one that has been returned to the store after being left in a hot car? Or has expired batteries that can't be changed after sitting on a store shelf for a couple of years.

Consider this. Our wholesale price for a factory fresh pH600 from Milwaukee is $22.79. If we buy 1000 at a time, our price drops to $21.20. If we buy just one, we are charged $10 for shipping. If we buy 10 at the same time, we are charged one dollar each for shipping. If we buy 1000, we pay about 50 cents each for shipping. The point is this. We buy a couple hundred of these meters per year and have a very low negotiated wholesale price, yet somehow there are people out there selling them much cheaper. So how is this possible.

The problem lies in the fact that the factory doesn't accept returns on many of their lower cost units. This is probably because they would cost more to fix than they are worth. So when a unit expires, the store is stuck with it. If a customer buys one and puts the probe in RO water, which does damage to the unit, and then returns it to the store saying that he changed his mind, all they get is a small credit and are told to destroy the unit. This my friends is the source of all the cheap units out there. Why destroy the unit, when you can have plausible deniability, and make a few dollars passing it along.

Call us old school, but we still think that a having a good reputation for selling quality products means something. We're not ashamed of the fact that we make a couple of dollars. When it comes to the pH600, we only sell factory fresh units, and we only buy ten at a time. So we never have to keep them for very long. At the end of the day, we'd rather sell you high quality at a fair price, than sell you garbage for the lowest price.

Buy two more and save

Buy two or more items from this page at the same time, and we'll give you a $10 rebate for each additional item after the first! In other words, if you buy three items, you will get $20 back; four items, $30 back and so on. This offer even applies to multiples of the same item. Why are we doing this? Because multiple items can be packaged and shipped together, and we pass that savings back to you in the form of a partial refund when we ship your order.

Milwaukee pH600 pocket pH tester

Milwaukee pH600 Pocket pH Tester.

This is a good entry level pH tester. It will reliably measure pH levels from 0.0 - 14.0. It's not the best, but it's as good as any other pocket-sized pH tester in this price range, and it's light years ahead of vials and drops. This is the exact "just-in-case" meter that we carry on our tilapia delivery truck. It takes a fair amount of abuse, and if it gets dropped into the water, it's not expensive to replace. It's accurate to ±0.1 pH, and is calibrated using the included screwdriver and calibration solution which is sold separately. It comes with a 30 day manufacturer's warranty.

Note: The batteries in this unit are not replaceable.

Tip: Place a small piece of wet sponge in the cap to prevent the probe from drying out.

Price: $39.79

Buy the Milwaukee pH600 pocket pH tester.

Milwaukee MW100 portable pH meter

Milwaukee MW100 Portable pH Meter.

This is a step above any pocket pH tester on the market, Yet, for a portable unit, it's still the most affordable meter in its class. It doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles, but it features advanced double-life gel-filled electrodes that are removable for storage and easy to replace. It has a slightly faster response time compared to a pocket style meter, due mainly to its internal circuitry. It's accurate to ±0.2, and it's calibrated using a two-point manual procedure. It comes with a 9V battery, and one sachet of calibration solution. The meter comes with a two-year manufacturer's warranty, and the probe carries a one-year manufacturer's warranty.

The warranty alone makes this unit worth every penny.

Price: $93.64

Buy the Milwaukee MW100 portable pH meter

Replacement probe for the MW100 portable pH meter

Replacement Probe For MW100 Portable pH Meter.

Be happy that you only broke a fifty-four dollar probe! Some manufacturers charge hundreds for a replacement probe.

Price: $53.79

Buy a replacement probe for your MW100 portable pH meter.

pH calibration solution for the Milwaukee pH600 - 25 pack

pH Calibration Solution - 25 Pack.

It doesn't matter which pH tester you use, they all need to be calibrated. Each 20 ml sachet contains a solution that is exactly 7.01 pH. Simply tear open the top of the sachet, put the probe of your meter in the solution and adjust calibration until it reads 7.0.

Here's a tip: Store your Milwaukee pH600 by leaving the probe in the solution, when you're not taking measurements. Simply stand the pH tester and solution inside of a cup between uses.

The price is for one box, containing 25 sachets.

We will only ship solutions that have at least 18 months left before expiring

Price: $43.64

Buy pH calibration solutions for the pH600 tester here.

pH calibration solutions for the Milwaukee MW100 - 2 Bottles

pH Calibration Solution - 2 Bottles.

The Milwaukee MW100 has two calibration points for accuracy, so it requires two calibration solutions: pH 4.01 and pH 7.0. Simply put the probe into a small amount of calibration solution and turn the dial until the reading matches the solution. Repeat this for both calibration points and your meter is ready for weeks of use.

Tip: To avoid contamination between solutions, pour a small amount of one solution into a slender shot glass for each calibration, then discard the used solution.

You can store the MW100 meter's probe in the left-over pH7.0 solution between uses to keep the probe wet.

Each bottle contains eight ounces of solution.

Price: $23.30

Buy pH calibration solutions for the MW100 meter here.