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Shipping Information

Lakeway Tilapia developed the method to grade fish according to their rates of growth while they are still small enough to be shipped. Our processes are proprietary, our equipment is patent pending and our grades are trademarked. You simply cannot get our pure strain genuine agricultural livestock anywhere else.

Our customers depend on the predictable growth that our graded tilapia provide for their growing seasons and individual needs. Hundreds of schools rely on our Food Grade Tilapia to get their aquaculture programs completed in a single semester. We take this stuff seriously!

There are two primary issues affecting all live fish shipping in the United States.

1. The US Post office is no longer honoring service commitments on Priority Mail for the duration of the coronavirus pandemic. Here is a link to their official statement. This adds an extra day in transit for every box of live fish and limits the number of fish-safe shipping days for more than half of our customers.

2. FedEx continues to revise their policy concerning live animals and fish. For those of you who don't know, the US Post office has a contract with FedEx to fly the mail. At one point FedEx said that they would no longer fly live animals and fish over the weekends even if they were already in the system, then they changed their policy to allow it. As the Covid-19 situation evolves, their policy is becomming ambiguous at best. The only safe bet is to avoid shipping when the fish will be in transit over the weekend.

Keep in mind that during normal times we ship live fish six days per week and can offer same and next day order processing. The two issues above limit the fish safe shipping days to just Monday and Tuesday.

Shipping update for September

Blue and Nile tilapia are shipping within one to five business days. If you catch us early enough in the morning on Monday, we may even ship your order on the same day.

Orange Mozambique are taking a bit longer but not too bad. Please call before ordering to get a current order processing estimate.

Wami and Wami Hybrid are on backorder. Please call before ordering to discuss the wait time.

Tilapia feed is a separate operation that is generally finished packing by 2:00 pm. So if you order your food by noon eastern time it will ship on the same day that it is ordered, otherwise it will ship on the following business day.

Older Orders

To our knowledge, there are no overdue orders. However, the person who formerly managed our logistics was personally impacted by the coronavirus and is no longer with Lakeway Tilapia. We have done our best to pick up where she left off, but there is always the possibility that commitments made prior to July have been overlooked. If you have an order that was placed prior to July and has still not been delivered, do not hesitate to email us at